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May 3, 2023

Release image for release titled Release no. 1

Release no. 1

We’re happy to share our first official release! It’s a big one as it includes the entire first version of our product. Many teams would wait a bit to start sharing their progress, but we’re publishing our first release note alongside our literal first release. We’re doing this so we can fully build in public, alongside all our early customers, partners, and followers! We’ll use our releases to highlight all our new features, improvements, and fixes as we roll them out. For our first release, we’ve publicly shipped our first version of the product, which includes the following pages: about, brand, culture, writing, blog, careers, releases, terms of service, privacy policy, sitemap, and 404 (yes, even our 404 page should be beautiful).

We’ve also designed and implemented metadata images, titles, and descriptions for every page. If you share a link of ours, you’ll be able to see the hard work we’re putting in behind the scenes. Finally, we’ve created our first easter egg, which you’ll be able to spot right on the homepage. Hint: try hovering over our logo.