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June 7, 2023

Release image for release titled Self serve newsletter onboarding

Self serve newsletter onboarding

You asked, we answered. Now you can list your newsletter to Jardy in a matter of minutes. Our guided, self-serve onboarding flow makes onboarding your publication a breeze. We’ve broken the onboarding flow down into 4 simple steps, and the whole flow should take less than 15 minutes to complete.

As a bonus, we’ve added another easter egg. This one is a bit more off the beaten path, but we’re excited for you to find it. Hint: it might be worth checking out our console. IYKYK.

May 31, 2023

Release image for release titled Jardy for startups

Jardy for startups

It’s time for a new, better way to scale your startup. We built Jardy because, at past startups, we’ve struggled to acquire new leads and customers through the existing marketing channels. They’re expensive, oversaturated, and cater to brands with the biggest budgets (read: not startups).

As a startup ourselves, we understand exactly what you’re going through and know how difficult it is to grow a business. That’s why we're offering qualified startups up to $2,500 in free advertising credit. Kickstart your scalable growth engine on Jardy! Apply today .

May 24, 2023

Release image for release titled Newsletter listing page

Newsletter listing page

We’ve shipped the first version of our newsletter listing page. Our goal is to truly feature our publishers and help tell their story with our listing page design. To see what we've built, check out 4 Day Week’s listing . Fun fact: they were our first official newsletter partner.

In related news, we're excited to share that our first 5 newsletter partners have officially joined Jardy! We’ve been hard at work and now have over 50 newsletters waiting to list their publications with us.

May 17, 2023

Release image for release titled Magic link and sign up

Magic link and sign up

Say goodbye to your password! Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re completely password-free with sign in and sign up happening solely via magic links sent to your email. This methodology ensures incredible security, safety, and simplicity.

Sign in and sign up via magic link is incredibly intuitive. Simply enter your email and you’ll receive a link in your inbox. After clicking the link in the email, you’ll be taken back to Jardy and you’ll instantly be signed in or dropped into the next step of the sign up flow. And, if for any reason reason the link in the email doesn’t work, we provide an access code which can be copied and pasted back on the sign in / sign up page.

May 10, 2023

Release image for release titled Release no. 2

Release no. 2

We didn’t think it was possible, but our second release is even bigger than our first. We’ve been working hard and fast pushing early features as we build Jardy into a seamless, intuitive marketplace. In the past week, we’ve designed, built, and now finalized: our grid system which is used to organize our product, filters which enable users to pare down results and quickly find what they’re looking for, and sorting which allows users to order listings based on price, date listed, subscribers, and more.

Additionally, typography has been updated throughout the product. We selected a single font family with minimal font size options for a clean, consistent experience. We hope you like our design as much as we do. We’re passionate about building a product that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

May 3, 2023

Release image for release titled Release no. 1

Release no. 1

We’re happy to share our first official release! It’s a big one as it includes the entire first version of our product. Many teams would wait a bit to start sharing their progress, but we’re publishing our first release note alongside our literal first release. We’re doing this so we can fully build in public, alongside all our early customers, partners, and followers! We’ll use our releases to highlight all our new features, improvements, and fixes as we roll them out. For our first release, we’ve publicly shipped our first version of the product, which includes the following pages: about, brand, culture, writing, blog, careers, releases, terms of service, privacy policy, sitemap, and 404 (yes, even our 404 page should be beautiful).

We’ve also designed and implemented metadata images, titles, and descriptions for every page. If you share a link of ours, you’ll be able to see the hard work we’re putting in behind the scenes. Finally, we’ve created our first easter egg, which you’ll be able to spot right on the homepage. Hint: try hovering over our logo.