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Technology 129K Subscribers is a community-driven educational site where developers worldwide share their knowledge of the PHP programming language. When new posts about programming are published on our blog, we send an automatic newsletter to over 150K active subscribers of Web developers and designers.
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Year Founded 1999
Frequency Every week on Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday & Sunday
Social Values Climate & Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Poverty Alleviation

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Manuel Lemos

Founder at Icontem

Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil

Manuel Lemos had an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering degree from the Universidade de Aveiro in Portugal in 1994. He published the book Estar na Internet (Being on the Internet) with McGraw-Hill in 1998. He created the site to help the community of developers to share components written in the PHP language. Collaborates with Google by supporting products like AdSense, Search, and Business Profile. Guest business mentor of Centro Paula Souza of São Paulo in Brazil.