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Chelsea Faith - May 10th, 2023 - 5 min read

Cold Calling is Out: The Advantages of Email Sponsorship for Customer Acquisition

Cold emailing has been touted as the new cold calling, promising to convert strangers into happy, paying customers. But in reality, this sales technique often results in frustration and disappointment. After all, you rarely know much about the person you're emailing, and the recipient certainly doesn’t know much about you…

Fortunately, there’s an alternative: email sponsorship.

Email sponsorship accomplishes the same goal of converting strangers to customers, but without the roadblocks you face with cold emailing. It's like having a mutual friend introduce you to potential customers, giving you a foundation on which to build your sales conversations. 

With email sponsorship, you can target your ideal customer by finding an email newsletter on a topic they’d be interested in. Using Jardy , you can search our marketplace and browse by category to find the right fit for your brand. Given this unique targeting potential, you can feel confident knowing you’re reaching the right readers by mailing to lists related to your niche. These readers are generally very interested in the newsletter topic (after all they, subscribed!), so they’ll make great leads for your campaign.

To design your first email campaign, create one that’s conversion-focused, offering a lead magnet or coupon code to new leads. You can choose between sponsoring an email, where your content appears alongside regular newsletter content, or running a dedicated email, where your content is the entire email. Working with a trusted email newsletter gives you an opportunity to get past the spam filter and borrow authority from a trusted source. You can even acknowledge the newsletter you're mailing to in your copy to borrow greater authority.

Last but not least, follow up with your warm leads. You already know something about these users based on the list they came from, so that information can be a great place to start. Try writing a follow-up email that reminds them of which list they came from and draws a connection between their interest and your business.

TLDR- give email sponsorship a try! Sponsored emails give you the opportunity to find warm leads that are already interested in your niche and related topics. This common foundation, plus the borrowed authority you gain from working with a trusted source, make email sponsorships a natural choice over cold emailing.

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